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Small Cell / Repeater COW

This unit is perfect for fast set ups, and deployments that need to go through parking garages, and for those prime locations that need to fit in a mid-size parking spot (without guying). This unit’s custom compact design is for those large events that need just a little more capacity, and it’s the perfect size for disaster recovery.  It can be set up in minutes and can be towed by ½ ton truck.

This COW is specially designed to have a maximum travel height of just 7 feet!  With this low travel height it can be pulled through nearly any parking garage and set up on the roof in just minutes.  Once on the roof, the rotating 25’ mast is easily spun into the vertical position and locked down for deployment.  The retractable trailer tongue is slid into its stowed position, and the unit only takes up one parking space.  Fire up the on-board 10kW generator with 45 gallon fuel tank and this COW can graze for nearly 2 full days!.  See more HERE