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About Us

Founded in 1984, Sun West Engineering is located in Phoenix, Arizona. We have established a solid reputation as an industry leader with our innovative approach in developing quality custom solutions for the communication industry. We have an unparalleled and creative design portfolio associated with wireless communication products in U.L.® Listed cabinets and mobile applications including COWS and COLTS for supporting event coverage, temporary construction and first responder and network restoration requirements. Sun West Engineering is constantly designing new solutions to meet customer requirements while exceeding their expectations; we design it, manufacture it and support it.

Sun West Engineering is dedicated to being the premier provider of communications products by introducing solutions for tomorrow’s challenges today.  We are a manufacturer of the COW - Cell On Wheels, COLT – Cell On Light Truck, CROW – Cell Repeater On Wheels, the patented Scissor Lift COW/COLT, GOAT – Generator On A Truck, as well as a variety of different UL® Listed equipment cabinets and enclosures.  We strive for excellence in quality, operational performance, lasting value through the use of innovative engineering and proven construction techniques, and above all customer service and satisfaction. We maintain an environment that encourages teamwork and personal responsibility.  Please review our products in detail, and let us know if we can help meet your next project's requirements.

Sun West Engineering Mobility Advantages:

  • Experienced and creative design portfolio
  • We work closely with your team to accommodate specific deployment needs.
  • We engineer every solution for operational performance.
  • We provide comprehensive user manuals and training
  • Sun West Engineering, Inc is a DOT certified trailer manufacturer.
  • Both Non-CDL (under 26,000-lb) and CDL (over 26,000-lb) options.
  • We maintain stock on all major components including, trailers, masts, generators, cabinets, and HVAC units.
  • We can install any required components for turn-key operation such as power supplies, multiple masts, generators, equipment cabinets and satellite/microwave dishes for        standalone operation.


Sun West Engineering Cabinet Advantages:

  • Our Cabinets are U.L.® Listed 2416 therefore providing local jurisdictions assurance that these have already passed rigorous quality inspections.
  • Basic design criteria: Zone 4 compliant, 150 MPH wind loading, 150-lbs. per sq. ft. snow loading, 500-lbs. per sq. ft. floor loading.
  • Our Cabinet solutions can be configured to accommodate the required equipment and real-estate, this can alleviate the need to re-negotiate leases and/or re-build the            site to accommodate larger buildings and shelter solutions.
  • Our Cabinet solutions are lightweight therefore require significantly lighter handling equipment, i.e. trucks, cranes & forklifts, this allows for lighter foundations in concrete,        I-beams or platforms. This additionally allows for easier access to restricted and/or challenged sites.
  • Our Cabinets can be transported with multiple units therefore offering freight savings.
  • Our Cabinets can be assembled on-site in parking garages, roof tops, and inside of buildings otherwise not considered feasible.
  • Conforms to NEC (National Electric Code) UBC (Uniform Building Code) SBC (Standard Building Code) IBC (International Building Code) CBC (California Building Code)          FBC (Florida Building Code) where applicable.


Savings by Using Sun West Engineering Cabinet Solutions:

  • Reduced Capital Expenditures!
  • Reduced Deployment Costs (Leasing, Zoning & Construction)
  • Reduced Long Term Expenses!
  • Expedited Deployments!
  • Utilize existing lease areas with no and/or limited landlord negotiations and minimal construction time.



  • Sun West Engineering is increasing its portfolio of services by establishing alliances with reputable partnerships to include:
  • Turn-Key Services
  • Equipment Installations
  • Temporary Cells, COWS & COLTS


Innovative Specialty Solutions:

We maintain active UL® Listings in UL® 50, UL® 497, UL® 508A, UL® 2416 and UL® 1863 in NEMA 1,3R, 4, 4X and 12 ratings.