Scott Davis, the CEO of Forced Physics DCT, is proud to introduce Edgeility – the compute anywhere Enterprise Edge service, including Kubernetes as a platform and bare metal offering. Edgeility is able to offer ‘compute anywhere’ due to their proprietary JouleForce cooling technology that eliminates the need to cool inlet rack air. The Edgeility system is both simple and robust, operating with only one moving part – a small industrial blower. This Edgeility system can be expanded to 24kW enabling high power density on a small footprint. You can also feel good knowing that you are utilizing the most sustainable computing solution available. You’ll see why industry experts have noted, “this is the future of the industry.”

Sun West Engineering is the exclusive cabinet manufacturer of the Edgeility 'Compute Anywhere' solution.  An Edgeility unit will be on location at our facility here in Phoenix, operating outside in our desert summer heat demonstratting its high efficiency cooling.  More information on Forced Physics, Edgeility and JouleForce Technology can be found by visiting the Forced Physics website at