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Antenna Mounts

As the mobile communications industry evolves, new and larger antennas are needed to meet the carrier’s RF needs.  The challenge to mount these large and heavy antenna arrays falls primarily on the mobile-mounted telescoping mast.  Until recently, mounting these antennas on COWS & COLTS has been limited and cumbersome to say the least.  We've been listening to our customers and have worked to develop several solutions.  We have solutions for the new Matsing spherical antennas, large flat panel multi-beam antennas, canister antennas as well as 3-sector panel antennas, and microwave antennas.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for just ask us.  We can discuss a solution, and design a mount to work for you.

Fold-Over Antenna Mount

The process of installing antennas and coax onsite is laborious, with traditional designs taking 2-3 hours to set up with a crew of 3. Based on conversations with our customers, we designed a patented fold-over antenna mounting solution that allows the antennas to remain permanently installed on the mast. This also keeps the feeder cables permanently connected, but they fold down during transport and stowage, speeding deployment and increasing readiness.  Our permanently connected fold-over design can be set up by 1 or 2 people in a matter of minutes, significantly reducing deployment costs.

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Flat Panel Mounts

Flat panel antenna mount

The flat-panel multi-beam antennas can be just as pesky to mount.  They too are heavy, bulky and time consuming to mount.  Face-mounting these to the telescoping masts can bend, dent or scar the aluminum tubes as well, which will damage, or prematurely wear the seals rendering the mast useless costing thousands to repair.  Sun West has developed a universal mount for the flat-panel antennas that mounts them on the top of the mast, balancing the center of gravity of the antenna directly over the center of the mast head, keeping the rad center above the top of the mast.


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Microwave Antenna Mounts

Microwave antenna mount

The hardest part of setting up a microwave network is finding the right location for the antenna on the tower.  Your radio signal path must have a clear, line-of-sight path. This can make mounting the antenna challenging especially when considering the ever changing scenarios when trying to provide backhaul during special event coverage.



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