The EXCLUSIVE and patented Sun West Scissor COW is here and ready to save you deployment dollars. The scissor lift COW was born from the desire to speed the deployment of MatSing and other large multi-beam antennas, while eliminating the costs associated with crane rentals and man-lifts for these deployments. For example, it can take a crew hours to have a crane mount the 500-lb MatSing 12.6 antenna and install upwards of 36 lines of coax on a mast or tower. 

With the custom designed and purpose built scissor lift, the MatSing 12.6 can be permanently mounted to the scissor platform and travels with the vehicle, eliminating the crane and man-lift.  Therefore, leaving only the feeder cable connections to the antenna from a bulkhead port plate on the vehicle. The antenna rotates 360° further speeding deployment. The hydraulic system uses an environmentally friendly vegetable oil that is even considered safe in California.

Protected Under US Patent Number: 10,276,915 B2 Dated April 30, 2019


Scissor COW Sample Specifications:

  • 22’ 26,000 GVWR DOT Approved Trailer “Manufactured by Sun West Engineering, Inc.”
  • Fully Galvanized Steel Grated Decking to Easily Accommodate Mounting of All Equipment Requirements
  • 32' Hydraulic Scissor Lift (38' Rad Center)
  • Matsing 12.6 Antenna Mount with Rotating Base
  • (1) 60’ Super Heavy Duty Mast with 530-lb. Lifting Capacity
  • (1) 59' Ultra Heavy Duty Mast with 1,200-lb Lifting Capacity
  • Crow’s Nest Mast Support and Working Platform per OSHA Standards
  • Vertically Adjustable Hitch
  • Low Height, Easy Boarding Deck with Integrated Step
  • (4) Multi Position Outriggers with Jacks for Stabilization
  • Storage Box 24"W x 72"L x 16"H Linex® Coated, Lockable
  • Guy Kit - Augers/Cables/ Wheel Chocks/Jack Pads
  • LED Lighting

These COWS are configurable with many options to accommodate project requirements. We have designed literally hundreds and hundreds of different configurations. Therefore it’s impossible to show all the different solutions that might be available.  The configuration sample drawings below are just that, a sample configuration.  

Please contact us so we can discuss your project requirements.  We will work with you to design the perfect solution to meet your needs.  Contact your local sales representative or call us directly at (602) 275-0662.

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