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Telescoping Antenna Masts

As the mobile communications industry evolves, new elevation solutions are needed to meet increasing antenna payload demands.  The challenge to lift these large and heavy antenna arrays falls primarily on the mobile mounted telescoping mast.  Until recently lifting these loads has been limited to say the least.

We listened to our customers and worked with our suppliers to develop the best mast solutions on the market today.  Sun West offers manual, pneumatic, and electromechanical masts to meet every elevation need you may have.


Pneumatic Locking Masts

Pneumatic locking masts are designed for extended deployment periods and offer a light-weight elevation solution with a high payload capacity. Constructed of light-weight aluminum, they are available in Heavy-Duty, Super Heavy-Duty and Ultra-Heavy-Duty models.  These vehicle or trailer mounted telescoping pneumatic locking masts feature locking collars at set increments that allow the mast to remain extended indefinitely without air pressure. Full-length keyways along the mast tubes maintain directional azimuth and provide precise pointing accuracy.


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Mast Wind-Loading & Survival

We often receive questions regarding wind load survival - simply stated, "what can it withstand?”  Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question and anybody that advises otherwise does not have your best interest in mind.

Most of the masts designed for mobility solutions were never intended to handle today’s antenna loads. Developments of today’s huge multi-beam and spherical antennas, in conjunction with the need to deploy multiple technologies, has pushed most of today’s masts well beyond their designed capacities.  Although the mast manufacturers are behind the curve, new masts have been or are being developed in an effort to better support these needs. 


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Electromechanical Masts

Electromechanical masts are a version of a telescopic mast that is driven by an electrical motor instead of compressed air like the pneumatic mast, and can stop anywhere along their travel length without the use of manual locking pins. These military-grade masts are available in aluminum or carbon fiber.  And while they do not have the increased payload of the locking pneumatic masts and are considerably more expensive, they are easier to use and many models do not require guying at lower deployment heights.



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