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Introducing the new EXCLUSIVE and patented Sun West Engineering hydraulic scissor lift, the ideal tool to have in your tool box for deploying large and heavy multi-beam antennas, like the Matsing 12.6. The antenna is permanently mounted to the scissor lift, minimizing deployment costs by eliminating a crane at the deployment site to place the antenna. 
This unit is perfect for fast set ups and deployments at special events like concerts and sporting events. With the proper design, one can essentially pull up to the event, extend the lift and be set up in a days’ time.  It even has a rotatable base plate to allow for azimuth control, so you no longer need to be concerned about your truck or trailer’s deployment orientation at the site.  The hydraulic system uses an environmentally friendly vegetable oil that is even considered safe in California.
The scissor lift is available on both COW & COLT platforms. Get more information HERE. Contact your local sales representative or reach out to us directly at 602 275-0662.