The specially designed and patented mechanism to erect and fold over the antennas requires very little physical effort and can easily be accomplished by a single technician. We married this fold-over design with a permanently connected military-grade coax that holds up to the harshest abuse and seemingly endless deployments. This permanently connected coax avoids the replacement cost of cables, connectors, weather seal material and associated labor. This solution is reliable and easy to set up/break-down.

Then there’s the safety aspect. Setting up the unit requires less physical labor. Less physical labor equates to less opportunity for injury. For example, you’ll no longer have to carry heavy antennas up and down a ladder to mount them, and no longer will you have to wrestle with connecting individual coax cables and weatherproofing each connection. Thus, eliminating the exhaustive task of connecting and testing them for each deployment. This design will help keep your asset in a perpetual state of readiness.

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