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Cell On Wheels - COW

The Sun West Cell On Wheels (COW) is a portable telescoping tower/mast and/or cell site mounted on a trailer that can easily be deployed for special events, network restoration or disaster recovery efforts. We have designed them to provide an industry standard platform to accommodate customer equipment such as generators and equipment cabinets.

Standard features include: A hot-dipped galvanized DOT approved trailer manufactured by Sun West Engineering, Inc., LED Lighting, vertically adjustable hitch, low height easy boarding trailer deck, universal steel grated decking to easily accommodate mounting of all equipment requirements, crow’s nest mast support and working platform per OSHA standards, outriggers, storage cabinets/boxes, and a variety of different telescoping masts. Our COWS are also available with our patented scissor lift and our patented fold over antenna mounting system.

Our COWS are configurable with many options to accommodate project requirements. Please refer to the below designs and full specifications. Please consult with us for any special configuration options you may require.



picture of a 13' Mini-COW Cell On Wheels

The Mini-COW - Cell On Wheels trailers are designed to provide an industry standard platform to accommodate a multitude of different sized masts, customer equipment and smaller generators. Their smaller footprint makes them ideal for adding capacity at special events, or quick deployments when needed for disaster recovery.



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Small Cell COW

Picture of a small cell COW used for special events or on rooftops

This unit is perfect for fast set ups, and deployments that need to fit in to tight spots (without guying). This unit’s custom compact design is for those times when you need just a little more capacity, and it’s the perfect size for disaster recovery and can be towed by ½ ton truck.


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Scissor Lift COW

COW Cell On Wheels with Scissor lift

The EXCLUSIVE and patented Sun West Scissor COW is here and ready to save you deployment dollars. The scissor lift COW was born from the desire to speed the deployment of Matsing and other large multi-beam antennas, while eliminating the costs associated with crane rentals and man-lifts for these deployments. For example, it can take a crew hours to have a crane mount the 500-lb MatSing 12.6 antenna and install upwards of 36 lines of coax on a mast or tower.  With the custom designed and purpose built scissor lift....

Protected Under US Patent Number: 10,276,915 B2 Dated April 30, 2019

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Remote Radio Head COW

RRU  COW Cell On Wheels

With today's ever growing special event deployments requiring larger quantities of equipment, Sun West Engineering has come to the rescue with the Remote Radio Head Trailer.  This trailer has the ability to carry up to 40 installed and plumbed remote radio heads. All RRUs are installed on full-extension ball-bearing steel slide-outs, allowing for ease of installation/maintenance and additional cooling when necessary.  The RRUs are permanently plumbed to a rear mounted bulkhead port panel so the equipment can be pulled up along side another COW (like the scissor lift COW), and connect directly to the antennas or another bulkhead port panel.

Standard 18', 20' & 22' COW

Picture of a 20' COW (Cell on Wheels)

The 18’, 20' & 22’ Cell On Wheels (COW) being larger than the Mini-COW these COWS can carry considerably more equipment, larger generators and multiple masts. COWS of this size will have walk-in air-conditioned equipment cabinets and room for installation of multiple remote radio heads. These COWS have the ballast to support larger antenna arrays therefore are favorites for supporting special events.

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Large 26' COW

picture of a Large COW (Cell On Wheels) with Generator

The 26’ COW Cell On Wheels trailers are the workhorse of the telecom industry. One of our largest offerings, with up to 26,000-lbs GVWR and up to 26’ long.  These COWS can carry considerably more equipment, multiple masts, even more remote radios, and even larger generators and the largest walk-in equipment cabinets. These COWS are favorites for supporting large special events, network restoration and first responder requirements.

These COWS are configurable with many options to accommodate project requirements.  Please refer to the attached drawings and full specifications.  Consult our factory for special configuration options.

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80' 100' & 120' TOW

Picture of a 100' tilt over TOW (Tower On Wheels)

When you need to deploy at the highest heights, the (TOW) Tower On Wheels trailers are designed to provide maximum deployable height within a mobile platform.  With heights available from 80’ up to 120’ they are available with and without generators or equipment cabinets to accommodate customer needs.


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Temporary Deployment Fence Trailer

For those tired of paying fence rental fees, Sun West Engineering’s deployment fence trailer is designed to provide protection for your asset while temporarily deployed.  It includes enough fencing to enclose an area approximately 36’ x 48’.


  • (22) 6' x 12' 11 Ga. Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence Sections
  • (2) 6' x 6' 11 Ga. Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence Sections
  • (3) 6' x 4' 11 Ga. Galvanized Steel Man Chain Link Fence Sections
  • (30) Yellow Painted Steel Foot Pads
  • Generous Supply of Required Clamps and Misc. Mounting Hardware


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