Our Flex-Line Equipment Cabinets are an industry proven standard product with over 20 years of service reliability. These cabinets are designed for both permanent and temporary wireless applications including COW (Cell-on-Wheels) and COLT (Cell-on- Light Truck) Installations. These equipment cabinets are of a modular design and have the unique capability of being field expandable to accommodate new technology or site growth as required.

Additionally, these cabinets can be assembled on site in restricted locations such as rooftops, inside of other structures or on isolated mountaintops otherwise not feasible and/or accessible with alternate solutions. Each configuration is UL® listed and designed to withstand wind driven rain, vibration, drop, thermal and seismic Zone-4 standards. Each cabinet is constructed per NEMA 4/3R standards (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) for outdoor use.

These Cabinets are constructed from light-weight aluminum for weight sensitive solutions. They can be accessorized and configured to accommodate the required equipment and existing lease space. Common applications include rooftop, right of way and limited lease space installations.

These cabinets are configurable with many options to accommodate project requirements. We have designed literally hundreds and hundreds of different configurations. Therefore it’s impossible to show all the different configurations that might be available.  The configuration sample drawing below is just that, a sampling of many different configurations available.  Please consult us directly for your custom configuration options.

Contact your local sales representative or call us directly at (602) 275-0662.

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